Our Team

The staff at VRS is dedicated to helping visually impaired individuals regain and maintain a vibrant and fulfilling life. Each individual brings their own work and life expertise to their positions with enthusiasm and excitement.

Client Services

Joyce Boyd

Client Intake Professional

“All too often people with vision loss lose hope and think that nothing can be done. The most important thing I do in my role is to understand that there is help. I want them to feel comfortable about taking that first step with VRS.”

DeAstin Moses

Diabetes Support Assistant Coordinator

“Since I’m a vision-impaired diabetic myself, I feel a very close connection with the people we serve.”

Jeanne Pelosi

Low Vision Clinic Assistant

“People don’t always know what to expect when they come in for their first low vision evaluation. Once they hear the success stories and triumphs of others just like them, they know there’s real hope.”

Tina Southerland

Case Management Coordinator

“My definition of success? It’s pretty straightforward: It’s how emotionally fulfilled I feel after completing whatever the task or plan is.”

Our Doctors

Dr. Flood

Originally studying Arts at Miami University, Dr. Forche went on to study optometry at the Ohio State University College of Optometry.

Click Here for an extensive summary of Dr. Jones’ experience

Dr. Friedman

Instructional Staff

Odun Amao

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist/Orientation & Mobility Specialist

“There’s something special about each client I serve.”

Marsha Farrow

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

“My life’s work has been centered on helping people who are struggling. It’s all about making life better and a little bit easier for people with disabilities.

Jamie Marks

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

“I grew up with a mother who was visually impaired, and she taught me that vision loss doesn’t prevent a person from having a fulfilled life.”

Julie Moses

Assistive Technology Instructor in Training

“I found in my volunteer work that I could combine my love of technology with my passion to help people.”

Dudley Morris

Assistive Technology Instructor

“Vision loss can throw people for a loop, and it’s natural for them to wonder if they’ll ever be independent again. At VRS, we show them how they can do things they thought they’d never be able to do again.”

Karlestrina Pettigrew

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist/Orientation & Mobility Specialist

“The people at VRS are like a perfect salad – a lot of different ingredients that mix well.”

In Support of General Service Administration

Sylvia Jones

Procurement Technician

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Suzanne Smith

Administrative Clerk

“Quote Coming Soon”

Management Team

Sharon Croyle

CEO/Executive Director

“Our mission at VRS is to help people with vision loss lead vibrant lives. We take a holistic approach, one that integrates delivery of services in a way that touches all parts of a person’s life – including home, work, health and play.”

Nancy Parkin-Bashizi

Program Director & Lead Teacher

“I have witnessed time and time again that the human spirit cannot be defeated. People can have terrible things happen to them, but they adapt, change and grow.”

Bethanie Parker

Business Manager

“Resources are precious at VRS, and my goal is to help ensure that we use our funds as efficiently as possible.”

Kay Eller

Business Development

“Creating a disability-friendly environment sends a powerful message to the community that a company values everyone.”

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